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Dear Pastor Rick

I really like a lot of the things that you have done in the ministry for our Lord. I appreciate many of the things you had to say in Purpose Driven Life, I think you have done an awesome job of spreading the gospel to many, and I was impressed by many of the comments made about you in the documentary Lord Save Us From Your Followers. 

Here’s the thing though… When you make statement’s like this on twitter:

To DENY ADAM is to say they lied: Jesus,Paul,Moses,Hosea,Luke,Jude Mt.19:4-6,Rom5:12-21,Gen5:5.Hos6:7,Acts17:26,Jude1:14

it really damages your credibility in my mind. You see Rick, what you are doing is taking a whole nuanced system of theology and sweeping it off the table without bothering to engage it. Anybody can quote scripture to support a point of view that they have; as a pastor, you know this. You are welcome to have your convictions about this, but if you are going to bring them to public discussion, I ask that you do so in an engaging, honest, and humble manner.

I once believed in a literal Adam, just like you do now. I was firm in that conviction, nothing could shake it. Now, however, I have come to see the book of Genesis as a beautiful story that contains many truths about God and man; a literal Adam just doesn’t happen to be one of those truths. I didn’t come to this theology without quite a bit of discussion, prayer and evidence. For you to dismiss it with one tweet, quoting a few verses, is (to be frank) offensive. I love God. I love Christ. I love others. I don’t believe the biblical authors are liars. I believe that ALL of those things are completely compatible with my beliefs.

You’ve entered a grand discussion, Rick… one that will challenge everyone involved if done right. If done with short and dismissive remarks, however, it will merely spread hate around the body of Christ. I ask that you try to be more nuanced in your addressing of sensitive and complex theological issues. You have earned my respect as a pastor, please don’t destroy that trust that you have built with me and countless others.


P.S. Welcome to the conversation!


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Student at SPU. Lover of Jesus. Hopeful cynic. Changed by Christ.


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