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Reflections On a Year Away

So here I am, sitting at Stell’s burgers and wondering where my year has gone. I’ve met a lot of people this year, tried a lot of new things, and made a lot of memories that I will remember for a long time. Some highlights: -Growing close to my friends from Oregon City. I have … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: The Colors of Hope by Richard Dahlstrom

It isn’t often that I find myself reviewing a book. Usually this has nothing to do with the quality of the book; it more has to do with my selfish desire to use my time for other things. This book caught my attention enough to make me want to invest some time back into what … Continue reading


What Joy, What Joy for those whose hope is in the name of the Lord, What Peace, What Peace for those whose confidence is Him alone. -What Joy (Psalm 126) // Generation Church Joy and peace are not the words I would use to describe my life journey. In fact, I think I would put … Continue reading