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The Cross Was Not Beautiful

This is something I wrote while at group (worship time at SPU) tonight. I don’t know about all of the theological implications… but it is the writing of my heart.

The cross was not beautiful. The beauty of Christ did not rest in his death. While real, this death was a messy, bloody, and painful affair; even Christ cried out to God about the pain that he would have to bear.

No, the beauty of Christ rests in his life, both before and after the cross.

For before the cross he was sent from above by God to be God among the people of this broken world. He was an example of how to do justice, love mercy, and to always walk humbly with our God.

After the cross, beauty can be found in victory over death, comfort to the disciples that their friend Jesus was indeed risen, and the hope that He gave for the future.

The cross was not beautiful. What Christ did through the cross was perhaps the most beautiful thing somebody could do. Beauty came with a steep price. Beauty arose from sweat, blood, an ancient torture device, and death.

Yet Christ had the audacity to use something that was not of beauty to demonstrate his love for us.

That is beauty.

About sosnovsken

Student at SPU. Lover of Jesus. Hopeful cynic. Changed by Christ.


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