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A method to my madness

One of my favorite movies is Crash. In this movie, several different stories, ‘crash’ together in a way that only life can orchestrate. The twist is that many of the characters that are integral to these stories are slightly racist. If asked, they wouldn’t think that they were racist. However, when under pressure, and in … Continue reading

The Cross Was Not Beautiful

This is something I wrote while at group (worship time at SPU) tonight. I don’t know about all of the theological implications… but it is the writing of my heart. The cross was not beautiful. The beauty of Christ did not rest in his death. While real, this death was a messy, bloody, and painful … Continue reading

Introducing… The Jesus Action Figure!

Spotless white robe? Check. Long flowing hair? Check. Blue eyes? Wait a minute…. where are the blue eyes!?

Thoughts from an Evangelical Ministry Conference

Right now I am at the Northwest Ministry Conference (#nwmc2011) in Redmond, WA. Here are some thoughts: -World Vision is freaking awesome. They have a station to build backpacks for kids in Africa with common supplies that they need. Yeah… we need to work on the whole “getting everyone in the world access to clean … Continue reading

This Changes Everything!

Background: This post is for a theology class assignment. I just like the topic so I thought I would post it here. I was asked to “summarize¬†your vision of the gospel, of who Christ is, and what he has done, and how this has to change everything.” Jesus Christ is known for quite a few … Continue reading