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A Cynic’s Path to Forgiveness

My name is Nathan… and I’m a cynic (I prefer realist). I’m also a Christ follower. I grew up singing the songs, walking the walk, and only swearing on those rare occasions I dropped hammers on my foot (don’t worry I asked for forgiveness afterwards). Now that I am going to college (and know everything), I have this compulsion to ask questions about the things that I was once so sure about (erm… maybe I don’t know everything). This blog will hopefully be a way that I can wrestle with these questions. There are a few things that I am fairly certain of right now:

1. Jesus loves me.

2. Jesus wants me to love God and love others.

3. I’m not very good at accepting the first, and I’m even worse at doing the second.


I guess much could be added about my failure to live a life free of sin and Christ’s act of love on the cross to rectify that failure. These things too are important and I believe them, but I think I want to start from the ground up. So hopefully this blog can explore culture, my faith, theology, controversial ideas, and a desire to learn more about God.


Maybe someday, God will even forgive me for all of my questions.

About sosnovsken

Student at SPU. Lover of Jesus. Hopeful cynic. Changed by Christ.


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